Run Through To ST1

UK Ophthalmology Interview Course


Bookings now open for 2022 applications. 

Email RunThroughToST1@gmail.com to reserve your place.

Our 2-part course will help you prepare your application and excel in ST1 ophthalmology interviews. 



We have been running ophthalmology ST1 application courses since 2016, receiving excellent feedback year on year.

Preparation Workshop

Our one day lecture series teaches a systematic way to approach the MSRA, portfolio and the interview and gives effective strategies and advice on how to succeed.

Mock Interviews

Our mock interview day is a simulated one-to-one mock interview simulating interview conditions as closely as possible. We provide the opportunity to practice each station multiple times and receive verbal and written feedback from successful ophthalmic trainees. Candidates also get a one-to-one session with an ophthalmic trainee who reviews and marks their portfolio


We are proud to donate all of our proceeds to ophthalmic charities.

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