About Us

The competition for ophthalmic run through places is fierce. With the right guidance and mentorship, you can become successful ophthalmologists. We aim to:

  1. De-mistify the application to Ophthalmology ST1.
  2. Give candidates the tools to prepare and excel at interviews.
  3. Raise money for ophthalmic charities and help improve ophthalmic care worldwide.

We are very grateful for the support of previous candidates who come back as successful trainees to tutor on our course. Their recent interview experience keeps our course up to date with the ever-changing format.


Course Founder

Mr Zain Juma MBBS BSc PGCert FHEA FRCOphth

I had committed to the idea of a career in Ophthalmology from medical school. I graduated from UCL and chose foundation training with an Ophthalmology post in the West Midlands.

I was the Glaucoma Research Fellow at the Birmingham and Midlands eye centre for one year after which I secured my run-through training post in North Scotland. I reapplied the following year and ranked 6th nationally, securing myself a position in the North London deanery. I am currently a ST6 trainee at Moorfields.

I have a passion for teaching, with extensive experience including a teaching fellowship at Moorfields Eye Hospital. I am currently working towards a MSc in Medical Education.


Our Approach

We started with a small number of applicants, but with more successful applicants coming back to as tutors, we have been able to grow and help more people achieve their career goals.

Over the past 5 years, we have updated and edited the course to make it as useful, comprehensive and accurate as possible. We review the application process each year and work with previous successful applicants to keep the scenarios and advice current and relevant. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of the material and delivery of the course and build on the feedback we receive year on year. Having the right guidance and support can make all the difference and we find it incredibly gratifying to see candidates develop confidence and skills too excel.