Lecture series and top tips

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Our preparation workshop gives candidates an overview of the interview process and gives you the tools to prepare effectively.

It will be tailored for applicants applying this year, but suitable for senior medical students and and FY1s who want to get a head start!

In light of COVID, there have been dramatic changes to the interview format since last year. We put together whole new course to give you the most up to date and useful advice to help you prepare your applications and excel at interview. 

The workshop will be held ONLINE on Sunday 5th December this year to allow people to attend from all across the UK. We will cover: 

1. Preparing and optimising your portfolio

2. Top tips on how to excel in the MSRA

3. Interactive communication skills workshop 

4. Comprehensive communication skills teaching including a review of clinical topics that may come up. 

5. Question and Answer session




Previously, we covered the following areas: 

Critical appraisal workshop

  • One of the stations most dreaded and feared by applicants. We will show you a way to tackle appraisal of any research paper and give you the confidence to do so fluently and effectively at interview.
  • We will go through the basics of study designs and research methodology.
  • We will give you the opportunity to practice critical appraisal on mock papers to see how you fair.

Communication skills workshop

  • This station is often underprepared for by applicants. The scenarios presented are purposefully tricky and challenging.
  • Through peer-to-peer learning we will highlight some of the common mistakes made by candidates and give you strategies to help you stay calm and composed at interview.

Quality improvement workshop

  • We will present you with an easy and logical system to approach this tricky station that will allow you to score highly at interview.
  • Using examples and potential scenarios, we will show you how to integrate the system and confidently talk through a quality improvement project.

Clinical knowledge workshop 

  • One of the most challenging stations at interview to prepare for. We will take you through common topics along with basic, intermediate, and advanced level questions that are commonly asked at interview.
  • We will leave you with a method to structure your clinical learning so that you can use your time most effectively and give yourself the best chance to impress at interview.

Portfolio workshop

  • With the portfolio making up one third of points on your application, it is critical to maximise all these points before you arrive at interview.
  • We will show you where and how you can use the next two months to score extra points on your portfolio.
  • We will share with you the perfect method to present your portfolio and achieve full marks for its layout.