“Thank you for taking time out to organise this course - I found it immensely helpful and I’m sure it played a big part in me getting a job. I was lucky enough to get my first choice job - Wessex and ranked 9th. I used a lot of what was taught in both the handout guide and at the course during the interview. Thanks again for giving up your time” 


“Interview practice and feedback were excellent, I was nervous at first but I was made to feel much more comfortable, very helpful constructive criticism, amazing course, thank you”

“Thanks to your course I managed to achieve a training post in North Thames on the first attempt - the mock stations were enormously helpful for the real thing, as was the portfolio feedback. Thanks again!”

Chance to practice the stations, get a feel for the exam, good clinical and communication scenarios, very helpful and friendly examiners”

“The personalised feedback was excellent and useful. Resources were also brilliant. The organisers were very knowledgable and gave practical advice. Ran very well logistically. Volunteers/examiners were also fantastic. Best course I've been on. Thank you!”

“Keen lecturers, one-to-one feedback

“Focused on imitating the real interview, allowed plenty of time for feedback, approachable and helpful course organisers, no obvious improvements”

“Very useful to do actual mock interview to simulate stress levels on the day and two times allowed us to try and back to rectify any issues that came up in the first round”

“Very relevant – two cycles of my exam really helped me consolidate my knowledge, thank you”

 “Felt the course was relevant and useful Two mock interviews is great, feedback from ST1s were very useful”

Inside knowledge of interview process, fantastic prep notes, all relevant and applicable, examiners all approachable and knowledgeable”

“Love the OSCE stations, excellent course, best so far-much much better, by far the best, excellent value for money”

 “The two mock interview cycles – excellent and relevant feedback after each station, the introduction booklet given prior to the course, keep doing this course, it is also excellent that the course raise money for charity

“It was really good to practice, practice, practice, good to talk through portfolio, nice that money goes to charity and volunteers were great Everything was very well run and organised”

“Really useful to actually practice stations with scenarios whilst being timed good selection of papers and clinical scenarios”

 Well chosen scenarios and papers, good feedback”

 “Great practical experience with concise and insightful feedback from trainees with the relevant recent experience

“Fantastic charitable initiative. Thank you”

“Very accurate mimic of your scenarios, very high quality level of all stations, very detailed mark sheet

Extremely useful, preparation book, very helpful!”

“Found this course better than another one last week, very useful feedback on every single station!”

“Very very useful, it was great that we could do two cycles of interview, excellent”